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VScom Alena sulautettu teollisuustietokone: ARM9-prosessori 166MHz, 64MB SDRAM, 4MB Flash, 2x LAN, C/F, microSD, 2x USB, I²C, 4x RS232/422/485, CAN, 6x DIO, 2x Relay Output

Hinta:286.00€ (hinta sis. alv 0%)
Valmistaja: VScom
Tuotenumero: Alena 6805
Toimitusaika: 14 päivää

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VSCOM announces the release of the next ARM 9 RISC embedded industrial computer - OpenRISC Alena. This model is a new member of the OpenRISC family. Like the initial Alekto it is based on an ARM9 RISC CPU and runs the full-featured Debian GNU/Linux operating system, based on Kernel 2.6. Alena is suitable to cover control and networking applications for industrial control, transportation systems, environmental monitoring and small office servers.

Alena is a fanless design, RISC-based architecture and reliably operates in an IP30 certified aluminium case from -10 to 65°C. It is ideally suited for harsh environments, as typically in industrial and factory automation applications. To further enhance such usage an internal microSD reader is available as mass storage for operating system and user data. It connects to various field busses via its rich interface options, including CAN support for CANOpen.

>> Features

  • Variety of interfaces
    Many interfaces, like LAN, USB, I²C, serial ports RS232/422/485, digital I/O and MiniPCI-Slot, make it easy to connect various industrial devices to the OpenRISC systems.
    The Alena adds CAN to the supported interfaces, and offers two additional serial ports compared to Alekto. Two digital I/O signals are isolated inputs, two other are relay outputs. The other four signals behave bi-directional as in the Alekto.
  • Ready to Run
    OpenRISC systems run full-featured Debian GNU/Linux on ARM operating system including all device drivers for peripherals.
  • Linux up to date
    Linux Kernel 2.6 boots from C/F card or the internal microSD reader.
    This Kernel has better support for USB devices, handles the Watchdog Timer of Alena and Alekto, and provides the udev file system for devices.
    Many other new features can be read in the public Linux documentations.
  • High Performance
    ARM9 32-bit RISC CPU (166MHz) and 64MByte SDRAM memory allow the OpenRISC systems to provide high performance for data processing.
  • Compact Size
    OpenRISC Alena and Alekto are ready to be DIN-Rail installed and feasible to fit even strong limited space environments.
  • Wireless Capability
    Equipped with one MiniPCI Slot for WLAN, Video-Capture expansion.
  • Low Power Consumption
    OpenRISC Alena and Alekto have very small power consumption and need only 6.5 watts.
  • Wide Range Temperature
    Working reliably in a wide range temperature from -10°C to 65°C, OpenRISC Systems can be used practically almost everywhere.

>> Application

One Application field for OpenRISC embedded computers is intelligent networking of the production tools, such as NC-Machines, PLC-Controllers and I/O controllers. These devices can be usually accessed only via RS232/422/485 or over Digital I/O. Field busses may be attached to RS485 or CAN.

OpenRISC Alena directly interfaces these devices via serial ports or Digital-I/O, at the same time via Ethernet it acts as a Gateway to higher computer instances, such as monitoring and/or control workstations. Without contact to such workstations OpenRISC systems can supply the manufacturing devices with production data on demand, download their programs, can buffer data from/to those devices, run maintainance tests or perform data protocol conversions.

The internal SD reader as mass storage for boot can separate the operating system and application or configuration files from production data such as protocol files or NC programs on the Compact Flash card. The system is protected then against accidentally removal. Administrators are free to decide for their configuration, and use the Compact Flash slot to upload new data and configurations, where a network is not available.

>> CAN

OpenRISC Alena connects to CAN networks. For developing applications the known VSCAN API is provided, which allows similar programming as with other CAN adapters available from Vision Systems.

This API also supports CANFestival, an Open Source CANopen Framework. CANopen is a CAN-based higher layer protocol that is used in various application fields, such as medical equipment, offroad vehicles, maritime electronics, railway applications or building automation. CANopen unburdens the developer from dealing with CAN-specific details such as bit-timing and implementation-specific functions. It provides standardized communication objects for real-time data, configuration data as well as network management data.

An application designed to operate with USB-CAN on Alekto operates directly on Alena's CAN port, without any changes required.

Other Linux applications might use the LinCAN API, which is also available on Alena. This API also supports CANFestival and CANopen.

  • ARM9 166MHz
  • 64MB SDRAM, 4MB Flash
  • 1 x microSD-Reader (internal)
  • 1 x CF-Slot (True IDE mode)
  • 2 x USB 2.0 Host
  • 1 x CAN Port
  • 2 x Serial Ports RS232/422/485
  • 2 x Serial Ports RS232
  • 2 x Fast Ethernet Auto-MDI(X)
  • 4 x Digital-I/O
  • 2 x optical isolated input
  • 2 x relay output
  • 1 x I²C
  • 1 x MiniPCI-Slot for WLAN 802.11b/g cards (optional)
  • 1 x Console Port
  • Compact, fanless, low Power
  • Ready-to-run full-featured Debian GNU/Linux platform
  • FTP upload of applications
  • RedBoot Boot-Partition
  • DIN RAIL mountable
  • Starter kits available
  ProcessorARM9 32-bit RISC CPU, 166MHz
  Memory64MB SDRAM
  Flash4 MB
  MicroSD-Reader1 x internal as boot device, 7 MB/s
SD 2.0 / SDHC
  CF SlotType II, True IDE mode (accepts MicroDrives)
  LAN2 x Fast Ethernet Auto-MDI(X)
  USB2 x USB 2.0 as Host
  Expansion SlotMiniPCI (for WLAN)
  Console PortRS232, up to 115200bps
  I²CMax. 330kHz
  TimeReal time clock with battery backup (CR2032 in clip)
  OtherBuzzer, Watchdog Timer
Digital I/O
  Input/Output4 input/output signals
  Signal configurationSignal direction individually configurable as input/output
  ElectricalTTL level, 32mA
  Input2 optical isolated Input signals
  ElectricalOpto-coupler with pull-up resistor
  IRQMaskable IRQ for input signals
  Output2 Relay Output signals, dual function
  ElectricalContact Rating: 1A 30VDC / 0.5A 125VA
Switching Power: 30W (DC) / 62.5VA (AC)
  Contact RatingTerminal block
Serial Interface
  Serial PortHighspeed UART 16C950, 128 Byte FIFO
2 x RS232/422/485, software selectable
1 x RS232
1 x RS232/CAN, software selectable
  Available ModesRS232
RS422 full duplex
RS485 4 wire, full duplex
RS485 2 wire, half duplex, with echo
RS485 2 wire, half duplex, without echo
  Signals RS232TxD, RxD, RTS, CTS, DTR, DSR, DCD, RI, GND
  Signals RS422Tx+/-, Rx+/-, GND
  Signals RS485 2 WireData+/-, GND
  Signals RS485 4 WireTx+/-, Rx+/-, GND
  RS485 Data Direction
By ART (Automatic Receive Transmit control) or by RTS
  SpeedRS232: up to 921.6 kbps
RS422/485: up to 3.6 Mbps
  SpeedCAN High Speed up to 1Mbit/s for transmit/receive
  SignalsCAN_H, CAN_L, CAN_GND (shared with serial port 4)
  ControllerSJA1000 Philips
  SystemPower (red), WLAN (blue), IDE (yellow), User (green)
  LAN10M/Link, 100M/Link x 2 integrated in RJ45 connector
  SerialTxD, RxD for each port
  CANCAN Activity (Data), CAN Error
(shared with serial port 4)
Power Requirements
  Power Input9 - 30V DC input
  ConsumptionMax. 1.5A @12V
  Connector type3-pin Power Terminal block
  Dimensions200 x 106 x 53 mm (W x L x H)
210 x 112 x 53 mm including DB9 connectors and Terminal block
  Construction MaterialAluminium, 1mm
  MountingDIN Rail, Wall mounting
  Operating Temp-10°C - 65°C
  Storage Temp-20°C - 85°C
  EMCFCC Class A, CE Class A
Software Specifications
  LinuxDebian GNU/Linux for ARM
Enhanced support for USB
Watchdog Timer supported
  BootloaderProprietary BIOS to install and boot OS from CF, USB Mass Storage Devices or over Network
  File SystemJFFS2 (on-board flash), ext2 (preinstalled system on CF) and many more choices
  Protocol StacksARP, PPP, CHAP, PAP, IPv4, ICMP, TCP, UDP, DHCP, FTP, SFTP, SNMP V1/V3, HTTP, HTTPS, NTP, NFS, SMB, SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, SSH 1.0/2.0, SSL, Telnet, PPPoE, OpenVPN, RFC2217
  System UtilitiesBash, telnet, ping, fpt, ssh, scp, netcat, socat, vim-tiny, e2progs, reiserfs, fdisk
  Supporting Services &
telnetd: Telnet server daemon
vsftpd: FTP server daemon
sshd: Secure shell server daemon
Apache2: Web server daemon
Courier: Mail server daemon
Samba: windows share daemon
sredird: RFC2217
pppd: dial in/out over srial port daemon
openssl: Open SSL
openvpn: virtual private network
  Complete ImagePre-configured OS to install on a 1 GB C/F-card, with software already installed. It consists of tools gcc-3.3, vim-tiny services ssh, telnet, vsftpd (each as server and client), netcat and socat To speed up the boot process other software packages are not started automatically. To enable them please read the manual. Packages are:
Samba client and server
Apache2 web server
Courier mail server
NTP client and server
sredird RFC2217 server
WindowMaker desktop
xdm server (X11)
dillo web browser
Software Development
  On-board Tool ChainGcc, Glibc, gdb, vim-tiny editor, gmake
  Linux Tool ChainGcc, Glibc, gdb, Insight, gmake
  KernelKernel 2.6 sources
  HardwareDriver sources for Alena-specific hardware components
Device Drivers
  Data CommunicationUSB (supports USB Mass Storage Devices, USB-to-Serial converters, USB-CAN adapter and Bluetooth)
UART 16C950, 128 Byte FIFO, RS232/422/485
WLAN 802.11b/g RaLink cards (RT2561) optional
  CANVScom CAN API, CANFestival, CANopen, LinCAN
  OthersDigital I/O
Watchdog Timer
Ordering Information
  Product NameOpenRISC - Alena
  Packing list. OpenRISC Alena
. Power supply adapter 12V, 1500mA
. DIN-Rail mounting kit (DK 35A)
. Adapter cable for console port
. DVD-ROM-1: Debian on ARM
. DVD-ROM-2: system images, sources, tools
. English documentation
  Optional Accessories. Starter kit: 2GB microSD-card with pre-installed system

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Tuote lisätty: 27.11.2008.
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